• teachers Brenno and Eva
    Mariana y Dimitris
  • teachers Fernando and Mabel
    Mabel y Fernando
Brenno and Eva won't be able to come because they are having a break of working together to follow other projects.
However, the amazing news are that for first time we will have the great pleasure to have Mariana and Dimitris,
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Mariana y Dimitris (Paris/Greece)

They have been teaching and dancing together for over 10 years, developing their own style as dancers and teachers, which their are enrich with a wide background of other form of dance that they learnt and explore from their childhood.

Passionate about dancing, with a deep understanding of Argentine Tango, their teaching is clear and joyful, in a friendly atmosphere offering a wide range of ideas for social dancing, with detailed technique and great focus in equal relation between partners and refined communication within the couple.

They are from Greece and live in Paris for over 10 years where they teach regular classes combined with participating in festivals and workshops all around Europe. They also are the organisers of ‘Festivalito Mon Amour’ in Lyon and Tango holidays (usually in Greece)

We heard many good things about them, and we are very please that finally they will be part of Tango Feast.
We hope you enjoy and get inspired too.

Here are few videos of them dancing

Tango (Solamente ella by Demare
Tango (A ms compañeros by Pugliese)
Vals - Mi novia de ayer by Di Angeles
Milonga - Milonga vieja Milonga by Darienzo

Fernando and Mabel
Mabel y Fernando (Arg/Arg)

Mabel learned her first dancing steps in the city of Rosario, Argentina. From there she trained in different dance styles that have enriched her understanding of Argentine Tango.

She is an exceptional and inspirational teacher and in her classes you will find new ways of enjoying the dance, connecting with your partner, feeling the music and how to share a wonderful moment.

Mabel lives in Berlin and teaches throughout Europe but is a frequent visitor to the UK and the Tango Feast.

Fernando is a dynamic Argentinian teacher and performer of Tango. He is based in Devon, UK.

Dedicated and passionate about teaching he continuous self development his to teaching skills. Taking Tango as an improvisational dance, in his classes he encourages improvisation from an early stage.

He provides the tools to help you understand the principles that govern each and every movement. He creates exercises that enable to you to experience something first, then reflect upon it or simply to understand the mechanics. All this within a friendly and fun learning environment!

Fernando is the creator of Tango Feast and other events, and an accomplished DJ.

He has taught and performed internationally in UK, Europe, North America and Argentina.