Breaking News! We are bringing a bite of Tango Feast to You, where ever you are!

Tango Feast summer goes online!

Total tango immersion

  • Everything happens in one venue
  • Dancing all day and late into the night - two dance floors
  • International teachers and DJs
  • Classes and workshops depending on your booking choice
  • Wide range of accommodation to suit your price
  • Leisure facilities included with your accommodation
  • Book with or without accommodation

Dates for 2021

  • Spring 12-15 March 2021 on Zoom
  • Summer 18-20 June 2021 on Zoom
  • Autumn 4-7 November 2021 at Beverley Park
  • Christmas 9-12 December 2021 at Beverley Park
Natasha and Harris
Spring 18-21 March 2021
Natasha and Harris
Thank You
Brenno and Eva
Summer 19-21 June 2020
Brenno and Eva
Online edition -Zoom
Mabel and Fernando
4-7 November 2021
Mabel and Fernando
Bookings middle 2021
Osvaldo and Graciela
Christmas 9-12 Dec 2021
Osvaldo and Graciela
bookings late 2021