Breaking News! We are bringing a bite of Tango Feast to You, where ever you are!

Tango Feast summer goes online!

COV19 - Due to the present situation we are really sorry that we have decided to postponed the summer edition of Tango Feast 2020 to the next year. We still hold our hopes for the Autumn and Christmas edition. However we will keep checking and make a decision later in the year.

Total tango immersion

  • Everything happens in one venue
  • Dancing all day and late into the night - two dance floors
  • International teachers and DJs
  • Classes and workshops depending on your booking choice
  • Wide range of accommodation to suit your price
  • Leisure facilities included with your accommodation
  • Book with or without accommodation

Dates for 2020

  • Spring 12-15 March 2020.- Cancelled
  • Summer 19-21 June 2020 - Cancelled
  • Autumn 5-8 November 2020
  • Christmas 3-6 December 2020
Natasha and Harris
Spring 12-15 March 2020
Natasha and Harris
Thank You
Brenno and Eva
Summer 19-21 June 2020
Brenno and Eva
Cancelled due Cov19
Mabel and Fernando
Autumn T.B.C October 2020
Mabel and Fernando
Bookings middle 2020
Osvaldo and Graciela
Christmas 3-6 Dec 2020
Osvaldo and Graciela
bookings late 2020