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A wide choice of accommodation to suit most pockets

There are Premier4, however the usual numbers won't be available. Look at the park plan, you will see where the ones that there are available to book are located.
New Platinum4, There are a few brand new caravans, have a look at
park plan.

The reason is because during winter Beverley Park do some improvements, replace caravans, etc.
Accommodation Price List
Accommodation Price List (Will be display near the time when booking opens)
All the prices are for four (4) nights

Beverley Park, for 2020 have understandably slightly increased their prices, which have been the same since 2018

Check in: Thursday 12 March 2020 at 15:30
Check out: Monday 16 March 2020 at 11am
Avaiability Update: 20 February 2020
Accommodation Category Price Max Persons Bedroom Available
[LODGE Premium](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/lodges.html) Luxury Lodge £327 6 ( 3 ) D, T, T 3 avail.
[LODGE Premium Plus](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/lodges.html) Luxury Lodge £347 6 ( 3 ) D, T, T Sold Out
[LODGE Platinum Hot tub](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/lodges.html) Luxury Lodge £402 6 ( 3 ) D, T, T 3 avail.
[Premier 4](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Premier Plus £243 4 ( 2 ) D, T* Sold Out
[Deckhouse](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Premium £249 6 ( 3 ) D, T*, T** Sold Out
[Pebble](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Platinum £279 4 ( 2 ) D, T* Sold Out
[Platinum 4](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Platinum £279 4 ( 2 ) D, T* 3 avail.
[Platinum 6](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Platinum £310 6 ( 3 ) D, T*, T** Yes
Room Only Type Price Occupancy Bedrooms Available
[LODGE Premium](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/lodges.html) Double room £137 Single/Double ( 3 ) D, T, T Yes
[LODGE Premium](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/lodges.html) Twin room £126 Single/Double ( 3 ) D, T, T Yes
[Deckhouse](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Double room £115 Single/Double ( 3 ) D, T, T Yes
[Deckhouse](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Twin room £100 Single/Double ( 3 ) D, T,** T** Yes
[Deckhouse](https://www.tangofeast.com/spring/accommodation/caravans.html) Twin room (small) £93 Single/Double ( 3 ) D, T,** T** Yes
(*) The beds in the twin room at the caravans are a bit shorter than standard, up to 4 inches (10 cm), and a bit narrower, please read full details for specific caravans.
(**) The beds in the smaller twin room at this caravans are a bit shorter than standard, up to 4 inches (10 cm), and a bit narrower, please read full details for specific caravan
(***) The rooms only is something we do to allocated people together in a lodge or a caravan, so check with us if there are any available, as we wait to fill one caravan till start with another one. This mean, for example if someone took the double room , then we would only be able to offer twin or single room.


How to book accommodation?

In the booking form there is a section where you can select accommodation or not, and if you select accommodation then you can select which one.

How to pay?
First we confirm your place and booking, we then email you instructions on how to pay.
Payment for accommodation by Cheque, Card or Cash in advance.
Booking for accommodation is only confirmed after we receive payment in full.


All caravans and lodges are fully equipped for self-catering

Sea view or not?
Lodges have sea views but not caravans, however caravans are nearer the dance floors.

Leisure facilities included?
Leisure facilities are included only when you purchase accommodation.

Where is my Lodge or Caravan located in the Park?
After you have booked and we receive payment we will send you a confirmation by email with the number of the Lodge or Caravan, then simple check where it is located on the [Plan of the Park].
On arrival there is a list displaying your name under which you will find your lodge or caravan, or the name of the person who made the booking.

Where do I get the Keys - check in?
The keys are available at the Venue in the Park where we dance (NOTE not at the Park reception).

How to find us - click on Venue

Ready to book? Click here